Standardizing Pidgen?

Working towards a standard Pidgin

The new BBC Pidgin service is the first new language offering in the biggest expansion of the BBC World Service since the 1940s. Eleven more language services will be launched soon.

In order to standardise Pidgin, here in the BBC Academy we took on the challenge of creating a news style guide – a big challenge in a language which changes every day and is held together without formal grammar or spelling. But accuracy and impartiality in news depend on consistency in language so we felt that this was the moment to create a guide for the use of Pidgin in BBC news output.

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Postal Service to issue stamps with Hawaii connections

Two new stamps launched by the U.S. Postal Service for the new year have connections to Hawaii.

The Year of the Dog Forever stamp — the first stamp of the New Year to be issued Jan. 11 — was created by Hawaii graphic design icon Clarence Lee. The Byodo-In Temple Priority Mail stamp featuring the local landmark in Kaneohe will be issued Jan. 21 and available for sale nationwide Jan. 22.

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just use the coconut wireless…

Alien Probe or Galactic Driftwood? SETI Tunes In to ‘Oumuamua

It’s a long shot, but scientists are about to listen very closely for radio signals from our solar system’s first known interstellar visitor

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Hotbed of Hawaiiana??

How A Massachusetts Library Became ‘A Hotbed of Hawaiiana’

WORCESTER, Massachusetts — In a most unlikely location, a stately building 40 miles from the nearest seaport in a gritty former industrial city, there’s an astonishing stash of centuries-old memorabilia and historical curiosities from Hawaii.

A large collection of early Hawaiian books, pamphlets and engravings is housed and lovingly preserved at a modern archive bearing the old-fashioned name American Antiquarian Society, located on the fringe of downtown Worcester.

“Worcester is not a place people think of as a hotbed of Hawaiiana, but it is!” said Elizabeth Watts Pope, curator of books for the society, a 205-year-old institution that is one of the largest repositories of early printed materials in the Americas.

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The origins of Hawaiian Pizza

Who Invented Hawaiian Pizza?

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‘Omuamua … OMG, its full of stars!

I prefer the 1:4:9 option (link to know your meme)

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what happens if these guys get lei’d?

Pennsylvania Couple Sues Drug Warriors Who Thought Hibiscus Was Marijuana

The first person who mistook Edward and Audrey Cramer’s hibiscus plants for marijuana was Jonathan Yeamans, a Nationwide Insurance agent who had come to their property in Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania, to have a look at the damage caused by a neighbor’s fallen tree. According to a lawsuit that the Cramers filed last week, Yeamans also had a look at their garden and snapped some pictures that he shared with the Buffalo Township Police Department, which is why a bunch of rifle-wielding drug warriors invaded the couple’s home two days later.

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