Pineapple ice cream… NOT pineapple shave ice…

The Weird, Wonderful Job of Being a Tour Guide in the Age of Google 

In Hawaii, the secret to keeping tourists on schedule is pineapple ice cream.

Lam: Has the job of being a tour guide changed for you since 1999?

Oducado: The way I look at it, the most important thing is the information. It’s so important that we keep the information updated. From the 1960s to the 1980s, most people fantasized about being in Hawaii because it’s considered a paradise. So everybody wanted to go to a luau, or a sunset dinner sail, or to all these different venue and activities.

But the visitors of today, they still want to do that, but they’re more into history and culture. So the difference is that we try to update the information as much as possible. As you do the tours, we drive and narrate, and people are Googling the information to make sure you’re telling them the truth. And a lot of times, when I ask questions, one or two people will always come up with the right answer. I’ll ask them if they’re Googling it, they’ll say, “Yeah,” and I’ll say, “You’re cheating,” and everybody just laughs about it.

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