appropriate article for winter….

The anti-snow cone: Hawaiian shave ice is a mouthwatering blend of tropical flavors

People rush back and forth behind the window, calling out orders as they move in seemingly synchronized motion. Flavors are poured, and ice-filled cups change hands. A line of customers stretches from the bright-turquoise food truck, braving the heat as they wait, mostly patiently, for their chilly treats.

The familiar whir of machinery and splash of colorful syrups could cause a casual observer to leap to conclusions. But don’t be fooled — these are no snow cones.

“Shave ice” (shave, not shaved) is a coveted Hawaiian dessert. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, the icy delicacy is renowned for its exotic flavors and tropical feel. With so many poor imitations out there, the question naturally arises: What makes a perfect shave ice?

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