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Happy Demisemiseptcentennial, Punahou

Its very beginnings center around keeping families together, as it was founded in 1841 by Congregationalist missionaries in response to the loss of their children. In those days, they had to ship their kids back to the East Coast to get an education, a six-month journey one way around the treacherous Cape Horn that often would mean not seeing their children again for decades, if ever.

Originally known as Oahu College, the campus opened its doors with just 15 students, but those were 15 fewer children who might never see their parents again.

On this, its demisemiseptcentennial, it now has more than 3,700 students in grades K-12, but the importance of ohana has not diminished. Generations in Hawaii have scrimped and saved to afford to send their kids to the Makiki campus, and its current president James Scott is one of those kids — Class of 1970.

P.S. Wikipedia Anniversary names: Dodransbicentennial

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