Punahou School starts campus-wide overhaul project

Punahou School has begun construction on a campus-wide overhaul project that is expected to be completed during the next decade, which includes building four two-story studios for elementary school students and a 20,000-square-foot learning commons for kindergarten through eighth grade.

Nordic PCL Construction has been chosen as the general contractor for the multi-phase project that began in 2014, which involves developing a collaborative school neighborhood.

“For Punahou, the selection of construction partners is a critical aspect of the work,” Laurel Husain, spokeswoman for Punahou School, told PBN in an email. “Our confidence in their technical capabilities is obvious, but their ability to manage a construction site on a school campus, meeting our concerns for safety and maintaining their schedules around our school day, is just as important. We conducted an extensive RFP process which resulted in selecting Nordic to complete the project.”

Phase 1-A of the project, which broke ground in March and costs $28.5 million, includes the construction of four two-story studios for the fourth and fifth grades, a spokeswoman for Punahou School confirmed to PBN.

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