Gloeobacter kilaueensis

UH scientists discover new species in Kīlauea Caldera

A team of researchers at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa has found a unique species known to exist in only one cave in Kīlauea Caldera.

“I think I clenched my fists, fell to my knees and said, ‘Yes,’” associate professor Stuart Donachie said. “I might even have had tears of joy and relief in my eyes. This was several years after our first visit to the cave, and we couldn’t go back because of the eruption, but finally we had something we’d only thought existed.”

… and I think some of the post-grads were thinking “Ph.D. thesis!”

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One Response to Gloeobacter kilaueensis

  1. Stuart Donachie says:

    Jimmy Saw was indeed thinking, “Ph.D. thesis.” This became a major part of his PhD, awarded in 2012. The paper describing this work is here:

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