Arc to Arcturus

Ok… that was a bit nerdy, but Hokule’a was named after a star, Arcturus.  And the way to find Arcturus is to look at the Big Dipper’s handle (to the right as of this writing… no pun intended) and follow that to the bright star.  That star is Arcturus in the constellation Bootes.  Hence, the phrase “Arc to Arcturus”.  Anyway, the link

Hokule’a sets sail on first leg of worldwide voyage

Hokule’a began the first leg of a worldwide voyage today with a "Malama Hawai’i" statewide sail.  There are 22 legs planned for Hokulea’s voyage around the world, but the first and final are both right here at home.  Crew members say it’s about honoring our community and showing Hawaii’s people their gratitude.

Over the next four years, Hokule’a and her escort boat and sister canoe, Hikianalia, will travel to 28 countries and stop at 85 international ports – sailing more than 45,000 nautical miles around the world.

Now… on to more nerdy stuff…

Since you now know how to find Arcturus, keep on going right and you can “Spike to Spica”.  Which is the next brightest star along the same arc.  Spica is the hip of Virgo.  Now look a bit further right any you’ll see a box.  This is Corvus or the Crow.  Start on the narrow side of that box and exit out the wide end and you are (more or less) pointed at the Southern Cross. 

Guess what?  Add the north star at the other end, and that’s the “backbone of the lizard” or Iwikuamo‘o .  One of the star lines used by Nainoa Thompson to navigate without a compass.

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