Sen. Inouye was a punk (rocker)

Late Sen. Daniel Inouye Was the Biggest Punk in Congress

Daniel Inouye was a badass, and a Medal of Honor recipient.

Later in his life, Inouye also built more of a connection to D.C.’s punk and hardcore scene than perhaps any of those congressional interlopers who have passed through this city. His son, Kenny Inouye, was the guitarist in the seminal 1980s band Marginal Man, and Senator Inouye, as buttoned-down and staid as his day job was, stood in the audience at Marginal Man’s shows at places like the original location of the 9:30 Club. BuzzFeed also recalls that Inouye was also a part-owner of one of Marginal Man’s labels.

And when Inouye went to his son’s shows, he didn’t budge ahead because of his elected status. Instead, he displayed the same equanimity and fairness espoused by the D.C. hardcore scene:

“Punk may not have been the elder Inouye’s speed, but in 1984 he went to the legendary 930 club on F St NW to watch Marginal Man perform with a line up of other hardcore bands. Inouye, ever the defender of fairness and equality, refused to cut the line, opting to stand in the cold with the assorted skinheads, dreds and other punk rock kids until the doors of the club opened.”

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