pop, pop, fizz, fizz?

Only 28 firecracker permits sold [gated]

In the second year of Oahu’s nearly total fireworks ban, the number of firecracker permits issued to residents plummeted for this July Fourth celebration.

Twenty-eight permits have been sold, compared with 95 at this time last year, according to the Honolulu Fire Department. For the 2010 July Fourth celebration, before the ban took effect in January 2011, 174 permits were issued, Login for more…

But just in case….for those 28 people:

Independence Day firework safety tips

The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) would like the public to enjoy the Independence Day holiday and asks that people understand the dangers of fireworks. Improper use of fireworks can cause severe injuries and presents a significant risk of starting fires. The HFD also reminds the public that only firecrackers can be used on Oahu. All other fireworks are illegal for consumer use in Honolulu.

"We hope that people will respect Honolulu’s fireworks ordinance and the dangers of firecrackers [emphasis and sarcasm added]. While the number of fireworks-related injuries and fires on Oahu may not be as high as those nationwide, it is still too many for the public to suffer.  We experience the same trends as other communities where consumer fireworks cause the majority of injuries (most often to children and teens) and fires on Independence Day," said Fire Chief Kenneth Silva.

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