Carnival thanks

From Jeff & Patti

To all the ’84ers who were willing to come out and to those who tried, but schedules just didn’t allow!


We did it! 
Covered a full shift for Waikiki Malasadas! YAHOOOOOO!

Oil, sugar, batter! ick! but yummy results!

Friendships rekindled annually!

Sweat, grease!

What better place to be?

Ah! yes!

Spread the word…that the opportunity is not gone!

Next year, as John Auyong mentioned, will be our 30th anniversary of our year as Carnival chairs!

Dig out that carnival clothes, like John, Frank and Eric did! See if it still fits then wear it next year!

and we will meet again!

Calendar it already so you can take the vacation day like Rick did!

or fly in like Jock did! He had the best time! and he will be in the bulletin for the first time! : )


Thank you so much! Thank you for all the prompt responses on the emails and Google docs…Hope you all don’t mind the reminders!

We sure do appreciate your cooperation! It is just so wonderful to see us all come together like this!

We are the best class!

Have a great 2012~


Jeff and Patti

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