Class of ’84 Malasada Shift – Friday Feb 3 – 4:45 to 8pm

From Patti & Jeff:

Yup! I know some have you have very diligently signed up with me already and that is great! Thank you so much…However, if you might be able to do so again. The Carnival office would like to capture your good cell numbers, email addresses and any address changes.

Also, if you would please pre-order your malasadas on this form, hopefully we can have them ready for you at the end of our shift. Last year, there were some we are only allowed a MAXIMUM of a 6 pre-ordered malasadas…However, if you would like more than 6…please note your preference and we will see what we can do.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT WE HAVE VOLUNTEERED TO FILL THE FULL SHIFT OF 57 PEEPS THIS YEAR…SO GATHER ALL ’84S THAT YOU KNOW- Feel free to forward this to them! Thank you so much! Have a great holiday season! Mahalo, Patti and Jeff


The fillable doc is here:

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