it’s just butt

Hot, Rocky Pancake Formed Hawaiian Islands

Like a pig at a luau, the Hawaiian Islands get roasted from below. But — like novice cooks — scientists aren’t sure what kind of heat it takes to really get things cooking.

A new analysis questions the prevailing theory that the islands were formed in sequence by volcanic activity as the Pacific plate drifted over a thin, hot plume rising from deep inside the Earth. Instead, a shallower pocket of abnormally hot rocks could be powering the vacation spot’s famous volcanoes, researchers from MIT and Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, report in the May 27Science.

Comment 1: what kind of syrup?  Maple or MacNut?

Comment 2: pigs at luaus are not quite roasted… but, as it is said, it’s just butt – and if you need that explained, go call Patti Oshiro.

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