lion fish sushi?

Seafood Spotlight: Pacific Lionfish

The bad news: the Pacific lionfish has been invading the warmer waters of the Atlantic and doing pretty serious damage to the local fish populations. The good news: according to some friends of ours who just returned from a reef-diving vacation, these predatory lionfish taste really really good.

Pacific lionfish wouldn’t be so much of an issue in the Atlantic if it weren’t for the fact that it has almost no natural competitors or predators. We can thank overfishing for that. Combined with the fact that baby lionfish have an extremely high survival rate, lionfish pretty much have the run of the reef for their dinner buffet. They also tend to target the juvenile populations of the local species, which effectively prevents other fish from repopulating.

Marine scientists are advocating an "eat them to beat them" strategy to restore balance to the reef ecosystems in the Atlantic. Lionfish are extremely easy to catch en masse and lack only a good market to make fishing them a viable trade.

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