not exactly chocolate lava cake but…

in the spirit of valentine’s day…

Lava lake at Halemaumau crater rising gradually, could spill out to crater floor

HILO >> The lava lake at Kilauea’s Halemaumau crater has been rising gradually in the last few months.

Volcanologists don’t know what the significance of the rise is. It’s possible that the lava could spill out of the pit and on to the crater floor, though this might take months to happen.

Picture from USGS

The lava pond in the vent cavity of the Halema`uma`u Overlook vent during the rise phase of a rise/fall cycle. In this photo, the lava pond is 95 m (312 ft) below the floor of Halema`uma`u crater. When the pond level is high there is very little fume, allowing for unusually clear views.

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