One more week and we are on!
Class of ’84
Malasadas – Waikiki
Friday 4:45pm – 8pm

Don’t forget your ’84 cap/apron, covered shoes!
We will be donning buff and blue bowties as a tribute to Mr. Malasada – Mr. Bowers.
A bunch of us got together and made them.  Wear something you can safety pin it to, like the apron or crew neck t-shirt.
Or we some have ribbon that you can use to tie it around your neck.
Since we are working in a FOOD BOOTH please read the following Board of Health Rules.
Baseball caps may be worn, but visors are not acceptable.
Board of Health Rules

  1. Hair must be covered and apron worn at all times.
  2. Food handlers must wash their hands after handling money or scrip.
  3. All paper cups, plates and utensils should be kept in original containers or cartons.
  4. Handle cups and plates from bottom only.
  5. Handle utensils by handle only
  6. Workers should wear closed-toe shoes. No slippers.
  7. While in the booth: No Eating, No Smoking, No Hair combing or brushing, No Sitting on counters or tables.

Looking forward to seeing you at Malasadas – Waikiki, 4:45pm – 8pm, Friday February 4th, 2011


Jeff and Patti

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