Selling pretty well at Sam’s Club…

2010 going out with a bang

Because this weekend’s celebration might be the last time Oahu sees most consumer fireworks — including the sparklers, fountains and smoke bombs that have become synonymous with New Year’s Eve celebrations for generations — some have predicted that this New Year’s bang might be bigger than others.

Anecdotally, reports from around Oahu suggest there have been fewer homemade concussion bombs rocking islanders, as they normally do after Thanksgiving. But what that means for New Year’s Eve is uncertain.

"They’re sporadic, not like before," said East Honolulu City Councilman Lee Donohue. "I don’t know if that that means everybody is saving up for the big day."

Of course, we could have a ginormous snowball fight…  I mean, I did buy the winter tires and snow chains for going over the Pali…  Didn’t you?  Winking smile

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