Off topic

Ok.  I know.  This is a little off topic, but since I have a 2 year old who has the usual poopie diapers, I thought that this might be appropriate.

One Moos and One Hums, but They Could Help Power Google

“The average cow makes enough waste per day to power a 100-watt light bulb,” said Michael Kanellos, editor in chief at Greentech Media, a research and publishing firm.

According to H.P.’s calculations, 10,000 cows could fuel a one-megawatt data center, which would be the equivalent of a small computing center used by a bank. Mr. Kanellos has tracked both the data center and green technology industries and agreed that there was some convenient overlap. Computing equipment produces a lot of heat as a waste product, and the systems needed to create biogas require heat. So, there is a virtuous cycle of sorts possible.

In short: 1 cow/day of manure = 2.4 KwHr. 

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