Thankfully, just on paper

A Honolulu hockey team? You betcha!

On paper at least, Honolulu residents have sufficient personal income to support a National Hockey League franchise, according to a new report from on market capacity for professional sports teams.

The study analyzed 82 metro markets in the United States and Canada to determine if they have the financial ability to support expansion teams in baseball, football, basketball, hockey and soccer. The findings were based on each area’s total personal income (TPI), the sum of all money earned by all residents in a year.

so, wanna play “name that team?

Hawaii Whalers – not politically/environmentally correct, but historically correct given our connection with whaling, but Hartford already did that and that NHL franchise sorta sucked.  Oh, and then they moved and the franchise is now the Hurricanes, so double whammy and Honolulu Hurricanes is also out.

Honolulu Surf – but the sport *is* played on FROZEN water, so that is probably not a good idea. 

Honolulu Menehune – strikes fear into opposing teams who don’t like to play magical leprechauns dwarves small people.

Other ideas?

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