WorldQuest Competition

Ok.  Let me start with this: I am a geek.  Second, I’m a little sleepy as I post this.  So… when I read this headline: LHS WorldQuest team takes second, behind Punahou, I thought, “What does Punahou have to do with the Large Hadron Collider?  Oh… LHS not LHC…”

Anyway, from the Maui News:

A total of eight teams from Maui High and Lahainaluna gathered at Maui High School, while Lanai and Molokai teams flew to Oahu.

There were 10 questions in six categories: current events, history of the United Nations, women in leadership, six-party talks, pandemics and history of South America. All questions were multiple choice and were projected on a screen for 60 seconds and read aloud.

Team members combined to answer the questions; there was no penalty for incorrect choices.

Teams from Punahou and Lahainaluna tied after the general round. Another round of 10 questions again ended in a tie with each team getting eight correct answers.

Punahou prevailed by answering the single question about American presidents and the Nobel Peace Prize correctly. There were three other Nobel Peace Prize-winning presidents besides Obama – Jimmy Carter, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

Last thought: I’m sure there is some kind of joke about being a second behind the LHC, seeing that the LHC go to something like 1.18 Tev with protons flying around at high relativistic speed (99%+ of the speed of light), but the late hour plus trying to make some snarky comment that involves special relativity is beyond me. 

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