Reason to contribute to our class gift

One of the many reasons why I am making a class gift this year is because of Punahou’s commitment to sustainability.  I believe that we must do something to insure that we leave a better environment to our children.  After all, we do not inherit the Earth from our parents, rather, we borrow it from our children.  Whether it is re-using plastic bags or driving a little less, we need to do something.  Our school has set several goals to become “sustainable.”  What does that mean?  According to Dr. Scott:

Two years ago, I was personally inspired by a Punahou middle school student who offered this definition of sustainability: "Enough for everyone, everywhere, forever."

Specifically, as it relates to energy, Punahou’s goals are:

» Reduce Punahou’s campus energy consumption by 50% by 2016, and by 25% by 2011
» 25% of Punahou’s campus energy will come from renewable sources by 2016
» Partner with HECO to manage energy use, enhance energy efficiency, and research renewable sources


Our school took a huge step forward:

Punahou School soon will have one of the largest photovoltaic solar systems at any private school in the nation. …

Seven buildings on the school’s campus will be equipped with photovoltaic solar systems, which are being installed by Island Pacific Energy, a local developer of renewable energy solutions, the school said.

The system, which is expected to be installed by mid-November, will also be the largest at a nonprofit in the state.

Punahou said the system will allow the school to offset nearly 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide each year, the equivalent of removing 100 cars from Oahu’s roads. The electricity generated by the 460-kilowatt system could power 154 homes.

We need to support this kind of effort.  I believe that by contributing to Punahou in support of our school’s sustainability effort, not only are we supporting individual projects like this, but we are teaching our future leaders (yes, these kids will grow up and will eventually be leaders in their community) how to responsibly use energy and the limited resources on this earth.  They are the ones who will take these sustainability efforts far beyond campus when they graduate.  Which means that your gift is not limited to just our school or just one project.  Instead, your gift will reach into communities that you have never heard of, provide an example to others by stepping forward to meet the environmental challenges that face us, and build a foundation of sustainability that will last far into the future.

Your contribution can be directed towards the area of sustainability at Punahou and projects like this.  I did.

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