Saturday early afternoon

Saturday afternoon is when it really started to busy, so I don’t have any photos after the 3 PM lunch.  Please please please send them to me somehow.  Snail mail CDs to me at 3155 Alani Drive, Honolulu, HI  96822, or e-mail ’em, post to the flickr group site, post to your own favorite photosite and let me know, send smoke signals, or use the Jedi mind trick.  I’d love to get them up on the site to share.  Until then, this is what I have…

After all the work loading the imu, it is time to unload it.


more bobcat skills


Once the pig got out, it was time to shred



more below the fold


many hands make easy work.  Yeah, right….


and you gotta brine ’em like this


hanging in there ’85?


















dang that’s a lot of volunteers


cleaning up while going down(hill).


and at the cafeteria, the student servers started checking in


which meant lunch got served just a few minutes later.

And if you made it this far, this is where I stopped taking pictures ’cause the camera pros stepped in.  If you have your own photos, please send them to me or to the alumni house or something.  I think all of us would like to see what you have.


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