mmmm… chocolate… in Waialua??

From the Honolulu Magazine:

The cacao is grown pesticide free. “It’s not organic because we use inorganic fertilizers,” he notes. “But it could grow organically. We’re not putting anything on the trees; we haven’t found any pests.” Hawaii is at the very edge of the cacao-growing zone; 80 to 90 percent of it is grown within 10 degrees of the Equator, while Oahu is twice as far away. Some believe that the fluctuation in temperature to which the trees are exposed contributes to the flavor characteristics, just as a chilly morning in California helps grapes make better wine.

The resulting chocolate is known to be full-bodied, with flavor notes of raspberries, cherries, red wine and dried fruit. Alan Wong is a big supporter and you can find the chocolate in desserts at his restaurant. You can also buy it at the Dole Plantation Store under the Dole brand name. It’s also contained in some products from local company Malie Kai Chocolates.

“It’s a higher end chocolate,” says Conway. “It could be considered the rarest chocolate in the world.”

Another reason to come home and help with the luau – AFTERWARDS you can go out and get some really great locally grown chocolate.

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