3rd annual alumni wine tasting event at Hiroshi’s/Vino’s

For you foodies and wine geeks – this was an amazing event.  Where to start?

On the food side, we had  a miso-glazed salmon nigiri sushi, a panko crusted ahi, and a braised beef with (I think) truffled mashed potatoes.  There was a really light sausage pasta and house-made pizzas.  I’ll say that the braised beef was the best dish of the night.  It had a lightly reduced sauce to it that probably was full of butter(Mmmmm…butter….).  Anyway, the mashed potatoes were scented with really earthy truffles which brought the whole dish together.  The salmon was quite good as well for you seafood people.  Perfectly done — medium rare — with a miso/ginger glaze that set it apart from other preparations.  Add red ginger on top for a bit of extra kick and this went really well with the riesling wine (how’s that for a segue?).

Now for the wines.  There were maybe 9 different wines to choose from, ranging from an Italian Prosecco to a big fruity cabernet sauvignon.  For white wines, there was not only the prosecco, but a sauvignon blanc (restrained, good minerality, a touch of melon), a pinot gris (by far the most popular), a chardonnay, and a riesling (classic German kabinett with juicy apple flavors and super clean acidity).  For reds we could choose from a French Burgundy (earthy pinot noir – elegant, feminine), a Spanish red (bold – reminded me of grenache), and a couple of cabernet sauvigons (one was an Australian blended with Shiraz, giving it a mellow roundness and cherry flavors so classic to Australian wines and the other was a big and beefy cabernet sauvignon).

In short, it was a blast.  And a great way to rejoice after the pain of tax day.

If you missed it, all I can say, is you should go to next year’s event.

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