Obligatory Obama post #2

I tried to stay away from things politic, but the Honolulu Advertiser ran a story: Obama overcame outsider feelings to fit in at Punahou.  And they got hold of a 5th grade Na Opio photo (taken outside of Castle Hall…I think).  Barack Obama is in the back row, third from left.  Gee…aren’t they cute?

  Hawaii news photo - The Honolulu Advertiser 

More below.  Maybe a bit of a rant, so it’s below the fold…

Anyway the author writes:

Obama came from a modest background; suddenly his peers were the island’s richest and most accomplished students. Around that time, America Online founder Steve Case, actress Kelly Preston and former Dallas Cowboys lineman Mark Tuinei attended the school, which offers kindergarten through 12th grade on a lush hillside campus overlooking the Waikiki skyline and Pacific Ocean.

Hmm…. this was 5th grade!  As if Steve Case, Kelly Preston, or Mark Tuinei were famous in 5th grade.  I mean, they were what?  ELEVEN YEARS OLD?! 

And not to minimize Obama’s story, but this writer makes it sound so awful.  As I recall 5th grade, the biggest deals were moving into Castle Hall and using stairs (!) after the Winnie units; actually getting a locker that could be locked instead of little cubby-holes; and weekly math quizzes from Mr. Eldridge.  Anyway, enough said.


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