Punahou ’84 flickr group

Hi gang –

Here’s a quick confession from a techie guy: I’m just starting with this on-line photo stuff.  So, I might not have everything exactly right and I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can pass along. 

Anyway, I created a flickr photo sharing group. 

The group is by invitation-only (to keep the other ILH riff-raff out), so e-mail me at steve (at) 3155alani (dot) net and I’ll send you an invite.  The e-mail will come from my Yahoo! account as slee (dot) 3155 (at) yahoo (dot) com.  I know this might be confusing, but that’s just the way flickr works. 

Once you join flickr and the Punahou ’84 group, you can view the pictures, download ’em, add your own pics, etc.  I’ll even try to post up an animated demo with a “how to” set of instructions once I figure out this stuff.

So if you take pictures at the luau or carnival, or if you just have some pictures to share, e-mail me and I’ll get you an invite.


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