Punahou Carnival + Rain = ?

Hi all –

The Punahou Carnival just ended, and, as usual, our class at the Malsadas Waikiki booth.  (No “unusually” shaped malasadas this year.)  Although it rained off and on, from what I heard, we made as many malasadas as last year when the weather was picture perfect.  So, either we made reallly big maladadas or the sales were just a little more erratic.  I would have brought a camera, but with the rain and the grease of malasadas, I whimped out.  Sorry.

Hmmm…the rain.  Lower Field was a muddy mess and the problem, I think, was that it didn’t rain hard enough to cause the grounds crew to leap into action, but it rained enough that it was a mess.  But how can you have Carnival without the mud and rain? 

New things at Carnival?  For those of you who haven’t been for a few years, the biggest deal is the video screen at the new science building.  They show student-made videos at night and it really is pretty entertaing.  The scary part is that quite a bit of the the music they were playing is from our generation.  I guess that is what passes for classic rock nowdays.

Anyway, the rain.  Most of it missed Oahu, but here are a few links to what happened elsewhere.  Hilo was under waterBig Island hit with 20 inches of rain.  Kauai flash flood warning.

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