Happy Holidays

Aloha and happy holidays –

As we get deeper into the holiday season, I am reminded of a comment one of my co-workers from maybe 20 years ago made when he first moved to Honolulu from Idaho. He lived in Kailua and was saying how he didn’t really think Hawaii had a real winter, but when the fall rains started on the windward side and with the holiday decorations being put up around town, he was getting concerned: “Did the pass ever close?” Huh? “Yeah, does the pass ever close? I mean, what happens to Route 61 in the winter? When should I put the snow tires on?” Route 61? “You know…the highway between Kailua and Honolulu…” Uhmmm…oh yeah…not only do you need snow tires, but you need to keep food in the car, just in case. What works real good is to carry some pork over the Pali. That way when your car gets stuck on the way up, in the snow, you can chuck the pork out the window and your car will start right up.

Anyway, we had him believing it for a few minutes.

Speaking of pork, we are still looking for some wonderful volunteers for our luau. Right now, we’re at about one hundred volunteers and more are signing up all the time. We’ve got some coming in from Virginia, California, and one from Singapore. So if you’re thinking that it is too much to drive over the Pali to come volunteer for the luau, I will come over and pick you up if I need to.

We have two shifts, one in the morning to early afternoon (8AM to 2 PM to do task such as food prep and decorations. In the afternoon to evening (2 PM to 9 PM) we need help to serve the food, work the bar, and much more. Of course, if you can work both shifts, that would be great. Afterwards, we’ll have a post-party for all of our volunteers up at the imu pit.

All joking aside, working the luau is much more rewarding that any other reunion event. You’ll re-invigorate old friendships and meets old classmates that you would never have talked to back in school. And the stories. Wow. At every planning meeting we have, I’ve heard stories that make me bust our laughing to the point of tears. The strategies and tactics of playing high school football (yea, all game, I tried to step on his toes to make him slow down), the band geeks (the worst place for a sunburn: the ears or where you part your hair), or how the Metcalf Street sign kept disappearing and re-appearing in the Tiger Tom’s office.

So we would love to hear from you. We need as many volunteers as we can get and I promise that you’ll have a good time. If not, I’ll buy you a drink or two or three up at the Imu Pit when we’re done.

E-mail me at steve (at) 3155alani (dot) net or call me at 808-780-6240 if you’d like more info.



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2 Responses to Happy Holidays

  1. Pat Yee says:

    Hey Steve, 12-27-2007

    This is Pat Yee, you know, the younger of the Yee twins. I just dropped in on the Pun 84 alumni link for the first time in awhile. Wow! I did not know you were maintaining the site, you are doing a great job! I live in the Bay Area in Northern Cal, so it is great that you post links to the Star Bulletin and Advertiser on local news stories, and to the NOAA for local weather. I was just back last week in Honolulu for literally 48 hours for a short trip, and could not believe how Windy it was. And Diamond Head looked awesome totally covered in Green. Sure has been a wet Hawaii.

    Hey, I think you missed a name on the your Oct 29th entry, with the photo of the Alumni committee. Looks like Lianne Soga is in the front row, but her name is not listed. What is up with that? Anyways, just thought I’d bring it to your attention, (if it hasn’t already). Everyone there looks great. I must say, 23 years has not changed much on you all.

    Anyways, just thought i’d drop you a line to say us mainlanders appreciate your work on this website, and the events. Keep it up!



  2. Pat Yee says:

    Hey Steve,
    Thanks for maintaining this Alumni website. Now we mainlanders can keep up with you Locals, and the local news. Hope the Luau turns out great next year. Looking forward to our 2009 25th Reunion!
    Pat Yee

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