New committee chairs

Steven Lee here….

I’d like to announce that we have some new committee chairs.  So, welcome to: Clayton Kamia as our Transportation Chair, Aldrin Wong as the Imu Shredding Chair (a subcommittee of Imu Pit), and Kim Koike Shatz as our Decorations Chair.  We also have Holly Hadsell and Beth Tanaka Iwata as co-chairs for Volunteer Support.  I’d also like to thank Koa Johnson for lending his support to our Decorations Committee.

So, this means that your luau chairs are: Steven Lee, Chandra Hanlin Peters, Mike Lyum, Patti Horii Oshiro, Gavin Shiraki, Wayne Goo, Camille Masutomi, Ivy Nip, Meredith Burns, Colin Itagaki, Malia May Lageman, Trina Bowman Johnson, Jeff Stern, Tom Harper, Debbie Sharkey, Phil Suh, Jinny Aki, Aldrin Wong, Doug Rigg, Marvin Buenconsejo, Kim Koike Shatz, Holly Hadsell, Beth Tankaka Iwata, and Clayton Kamiya.  I hope I have everyone.

Also, stay tuned as we hope to be able to post our t-shirt design in the near future.

As always, if you haven’t yet volunteered or if you have any questions, please contact me at 808-780-6240 or steve (at) 3155alani (dot) net.  Or you can contact any of our committee chairs.  Of course, you can come to our next meeting on October 24, 5:45 PM at the Alumni House.  We’d love to see you.


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