Big Island

Hawaii – The Pace of Formation from Givot on Vimeo.

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Dave Shoji day–April 13

Former UH women’s volleyball coach Dave Shoji ‘deeply honored’ by state’s recognition

“In recognition of his years of dedication and devotion to the State of Hawaii and the University of Hawaii at Manoa Wahine Volleyball program, the Senate and House will celebrate ‘Dave Shoji Day’ at the State Capitol on Thursday, April 13,” the Senate said in a statement.

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That’s my bank… oh, wait…

Details on medical marijuana company’s decision to open in old Bank of Hawaii branch

More details have been revealed regarding the planned medical marijuana dispensary at the former Bank of Hawaii branch on Kapahulu Avenue in Honolulu with ties to well-known Hawaii businessman Colbert Matsumoto, including why the company behind it chose this location.

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Box jellyfish cures

2 scientists refute online cures for jellyfish stings

To cope with the searing pain of a Hawaiian box jellyfish sting, resist the urge to reach for an ice pack. Don’t even rinse the inflamed area with seawater.

And never scrape box jelly tentacles off your skin with a credit card.

The three “remedies,” commonly touted on reputable medical websites, will only exacerbate an already serious problem, according to a new study by University of Hawaii researchers published March 15 in the journal Toxins.

“We put those methods to the test in the lab and found they actually make stings much, much worse in the long run,” said Angel Ya­nagihara, lead author of the report and assistant research professor at the UH Pacific Biosciences Research Center and the UH medical school.

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Physics Girl–The Unusual Formation of the Hawaiian Islands

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Kauai got a Tesla

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Kaleomanuiwa Wong – Polynesian Voyaging Society

From Radcliffe Institute – Harvard University

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