Primo Kakaako

Once Again, Beer Flows In Kakaako

Kakaako’s newest addition, Waikiki Brewing Company on Queen Street, even features pretty decent smoked ribs, pulled pork and brisket. You could easily image yourself in Texas at Whitestone Brewery or Rentsch Brewery.

Waikiki Brewing joins Aloha Beer Co., also on Queen, and Honolulu BeerWorks around the corner on Cooke. Each has its own style, personality and constantly evolving selection of signature brews.

The award for most unique, however, goes to Glen Tomlinson’s Home of the Brave Brewing. Where else can you wander through an extensive “Brewseum” of World War II artifacts, stumble into the Wiki Waki Woo (tiki bar) and order a “Remember Pearl Harbor Mighty American Ale”?

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Didn’t think that these were that hard…

Don’t Bother Trying to Build Your Own Poke Bowl

As someone who writes about how to make delicious food, I am all about DIY-ing your own versions of tasty, trendy dishes. In a lot of cases, a homemade version of something will taste better and cost you less money, but this is not the situation with the poke bowl.

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Lahaina noon

This phenomenon only happens in Hawaii . . . and Cuba & Nigeria & Indonesia & Peru & Sudan & Laos &…

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Last day of Ward Warehouse

Retailers pack up on last day in business at Honolulu’s Ward Warehouse: Slideshow

Large crowds of people went to Ward Warehouse Monday afternoon to shop during the Honolulu shopping complex’s last official day of business before landlord The Howard Hughes Corp. tears the buildings down to make way for another mixed-use con.

Tenants have known about the shopping center closing since February when the Howard Hughes Corp. (NYSE: HHC) announced that Sunday Aug. 6 would be the official move-out date for tenants. Click on the photos for a slideshow.

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uhhhmmm… Dr. Banner, are you OK?

Satellite Catches Storms Producing Gamma Rays

On August 3, 2014, showers and thunderstorms grew from an area of low pressure several hundred miles southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. That tropical depression eventually strengthened into Hurricane Julio and passed north of Hawaii. The system stirred up surf, but was not otherwise notable—except that it happened to produce some very curious flashes of light.

The flashes—known as terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGFs)—are some of the highest-energy light occurring naturally on Earth. From space, scientists have detected them amid the thunderstorms associated with tropical cyclones. The energy produced in a TGF can reach 100 mega-electron volts, or about as much radiation as 400 chest X rays.image

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Warm welcome: Hokule‘a comes home

Three years. More than 46,000 miles. Nineteen countries.

One last mile.

Thousands of spectators gathered at Magic Island on Saturday to cheer the Hokule‘a and its safe return to Hawaiian waters, after the traditional sailing canoe wrapped up the longest and most ambitious voyage of its 42-year history.

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just have a race to decide

Let’s Settle This in Court: What, Exactly, Is Stand-Up Paddleboarding?

The age-old questions. Is light a particle or a wave? Is Certs a breath mint or a candy mint? Is bridge a sport or a game?

And now add this one: Is stand-up paddleboarding more like canoeing or more like surfing?

This question, at least, is headed to mediation with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

In stand-up paddle, athletes stand on a long, flat board. (Hey, that sounds like surfing!) They race one another, propelling their craft with a paddle. (Wait a minute, that sounds like canoeing!)

The races can be held on flat water, like standard canoeing races, or in the waves, like surfing.

Now both the International Surfing Association and the International Canoe Federation want to control the sport. It’s not just an academic exercise. Stand-up paddle is a candidate to be added to the Olympics, which has recently been binging on adding new sports and events.

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